W. Marc Gilfillan, CPA

W. Marc Gilfillan, CPA, MBA, has been serving Triangle Area businesses in North Carolina since 1986, providing quality and personalized attention to each client. With services ranging from Tax Planning and Preparation for Individuals, to full service accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation for local businesses. If you want the highest quality personalized services, call us today for a free consultation appointment.


Marc Gilfillan was born in Cary, NC, a long time ago. Yes, he is an original Cary-ite. Cary was really a small town back then and it was when he was at Cary High School, home of the ‘White Imps’, that Cary got its second stop light and the ‘white’ part was dropped from the White Imps mascot to be more racially sensitive.

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, Marc served in the US Air Force for four years. He was a missile launch officer at an ICBM complex and was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas. Marc was ready to go to nuclear combat, toe-to-toe with the Russkies, on your behalf. During the quiet moments of protecting your freedom Marc studied for an MBA degree.

After leaving the service during Carter’s stagflation years, Marc could not find a job. So, he got married and went back to school, this time at NC State University. While Coach Valvano was busy winning a national basketball championship, Marc was finishing up his second Master’s degree, this time in economics and statistics.

After NC State, Marc actually found a job working with the public utilities commission in the state of Virginia. Mainly involved with the regulation of the telephone industry, Marc was instrumental in helping promote the deregulation of long distance telephone service (for those that can remember back to those days when AT&T was the only long distance company). Virginia was the first state to deregulate long distance telephone service. During this time, Marc had also started up a small tax preparation business on the side.

Soon he got an offer to come back to Cary and pursue the tax business full time. Seeing that he had done enough damage to Virginia, Marc came home and worked for a financial services firm for 3 years, then broke out on his own in 1990. He got his CPA license in 1995.

Marc has always been active in church and community activities, believing that giving back and sharing with others is an important part of life. He is an active member of the Cary-Page Rotary Club and has served that club in various leadership roles and has also served on the district level. He is a charter member of the club and is a past-president. Marc was recognized by the club with its Community Service Award and has twice been named Rotarian of the Year by the club.

Marc is a member of the Westwood Baptist Church in Cary. There he serves on a couple of committees and plays banjo in the Westwood Back Porch String Band (a gospel bluegrass group) and plays tuba in the church orchestra.

Marc is also a past president of his BNI networking group.