Individual Tax Preparation & Filing

When I first started paying taxes, they were simple returns and I went to H&R Block. But, then I got married, moved to a new state and bought a house. I went to H&R Block and they said I owed the IRS over $3000 that year! So, I went to Marc and he redid my tax return and got me over $3800 BACK FROM THE IRS! I’ve been going to Marc ever since and he’s consistently gotten me thousands back every year for the past 15 years! Thanks Marc! ~ Rob Filosa, Cary NC

Tax Preparation

For over 20 years, we have been helping individuals save on taxes by preparing their individual tax returns. Simple or complex returns . Out of state, in state or multi-state returns.

Taxes are not black and white. There is almost always a different way a transaction might be reported, or a different option chosen, or some other way to structure and report a tax related transaction. And these different ways of reporting the transaction have different tax consequences.

Even on the simplest return.

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Some years ago a client was referred to me. He had moved here from another state. He had one W-2 from his former employer in the other state, but had just gotten a job here. One W-2. How simpler can a tax return get? He had gone to one of the large tax preparing outfits which had simply taken his one W-2 and prepared his married filing joint, 1040-EZ tax return. He owed a bunch of money. He was shocked. So, he came to see me. I had no idea how I was going to help this guy. But, when he arrived I sat with him and we talked. We talked about his former state and his move – that was not paid for by anybody. And we talked about his marriage and the fact that both he and his wife had had separate apartments in the former state.

Suddenly, it began to dawn on me – he had deductible moving expenses; he and his wife had given to charity most of their belongings from the former apartments as they combined households; they had paid property taxes on their vehicles; he had state tax withheld on his W-2! Perhaps he had enough to itemize on his tax return. He did. I prepared a new return, Form 1040 with Schedule A, where we itemized all his deductions, and ending up cutting his taxes down to a more reasonable amount. He was extremely happy!

And, it all came from simply taking a moment, talking with him and understanding his tax situation. Nothing has changed. We still do that today.

At W. Marc Gilfillan CPA we pride ourselves on working to reduce the amount of taxes that are paid to the government. We constantly are seeking methods and ways of legitimately reducing your taxes – using known, proven strategies.

At W. Marc Gilfillan CPA we also pride ourselves on getting your tax returns done on time. We only file extensions when we haven’t gotten the tax information from you. If you have given us the information, your return will be done, on time.

And no 10-minutes-to-midnight on April 15th horror stories. Generally, all returns are finished and ready for pickup by noon on April 15th.

IRS Problem Solving

Yes, we do Tax Preparation, but we also stand by our clients before and after April 15th. We’ve all received cryptic and sometimes frightening letters from the IRS that seem to say we owe them money or that an error was made in a filing or worse. Most of the time, we can take care of those problems for you ourselves with a simple letter of explanation, or by sending in a correction, or whatever it takes to make the IRS problem go away! We do this every week of every year. We can do this for you.

Tax Planning

More so now than ever before, tax planning will be a crucial need of businesses and individuals. Many new taxes are being thought of and proposed. Federal and state spending has led to deficits. Government (federal and state) will need more of our money. How can we structure our affairs to minimize the amount of taxes taken by government? Tax planning.

Talk to us about your concerns and your goals. Let’s work on a roadmap and plan of how to get there. Remember, whether you are a business or individual, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We’re ready to help you plan.