G-BUCK $100 DISCOUNT Off Your Tax Preparation Fee

Welcome Everybody! During these difficult times, we want to help everyone out as much as we can. So, we came up with a way to help you reduce the cost of preparing your taxes!

For new clients, just bring us a “G-Buck” and we’ll give you and INSTANT $100 discount off your tax preparation bill! That’s right, $100 off!

For existing clients, we’ll give you $100 off this years bill for every NEW Client you refer to us that uses our services this tax season! Think about it…Refer enough of your friends and your your tax preparation bill might be FREE!

G-Buck $100 Tax Preparation Discount

G-Buck $100 Tax Preparation Discount - Click Image to Download Yours!

Client Fraud Checklist

Remember – the best way to safeguard your company’s assets is to recognize and improve weaknesses in your financial internal procedures. Defalcations are less likely to occur and more likely to be discovered when there is an appropriate separation of duties between asset
handling and the recording function. It is also critical that you exercise managerial oversight.

Download the Client Fraud Checklist

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