From Satisfied Customers…

When I first started paying taxes, they were simple returns and I went to H&R Block. But, then I got married, moved to a new state and bought a house. I went to H&R Block and they said I owed the IRS over $3000 that year! So, I went to Marc and he redid my tax return and got me over $3800 BACK FROM THE IRS! I’ve been going to Marc ever since and he’s consistently gotten me thousands back every year for the past 15 years! Thanks Marc!
~ Rob Filosa, Cary NC

Marc Gilfillan has been a CPA in Cary, NC for more than 20 years. We have known each other for more than 10 years and Marc takes great care of our clients. The small business owners that need help are always asking, “Is he good?” and I can easily say, “Marc has one of the sharpest pencils in Cary!” He asks great questions, he’s experienced, and he could easily be the part-time CFO that you’ve always needed for your company!
~ Jim Bowdish, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

I find Marc to be professional and very easy to work with. I was able to honestly feel like he cared about me as a person/family/business and not just another “tax return.” Marc provided some proactive tax advice for my business. I will continue to use Marc year after year.
~ Christine Quante, Sales Director, RDM Benefits, Inc.

Marc’s easy-going style, personal integrity, and knowledge of current accounting and small business issues make him invaluable to entrepreneurs. I recently switched from a traditional health insurance plan to a Health Savings Account (HSA), a relatively new health insurance offering. Unlike my previous accountant, Marc is fully versed in the structure and benefits of HSA’s, and is able to help me best utilize this insurance option.
~ Susan Stanhope, Owner & certified Senior Move Manager

Marc and his team are an invaluable part of our business. When I first went to Marc, I had been through some major ups and downs in my business. Just like any small business. But from the very start, I never felt like Marc was judging me, or thinking “gosh, I don’t want to work with her,” or anything other than the will and ability to help us, keep us on the right path, and help us stay compliant as well as grow our business. Now I don’t hesitate to call Marc for anything regarding a tax or employment issue with the business. He handles all our taxes and payroll. I highly recommend him to other businesses, large or small, but particularly small – because he understands them and works to make sure we are getting all the available tax breaks and incentives that are so crucial, particularly to a small business. Plus, he is completely up to date on all the laws and changes, and I know he will make sure we are doing the right thing. I hope he never retires, because he is irreplaceable in my book!
~ Lisa R. Higginbotham

Marc Gilfillan has always provided me and my companies with the best and most reliable services. He’s done my personal and corporate tax preparation since 1993, as well as helped set up the books and do the bookkeeping for my companies. I’ve had others do work for me, but Marc has always stood out from the crowd. His work has been exemplary and I recommend him without reservation to you for your needs.
~ Robert Geiger, Internet Marketing Expert and Information Publisher